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Chat GPT, AI Writers & Small Business SEO

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Hello and welcome to the D I Y s t o show with your host, Jeremy Poland. This is the small business s t o show where we show you exactly how to do S e o for yourself as an internal team were sharing exactly what we do in our agency and give you the tools to tips and tactics to succeed. Today's episode is about chat, GPT and artificial intelligence writers, which have become the splash of online marketing at the onset of 2023. 1st, please note that artificial intelligence writing tools have been around and in moderate use, at least for 3 to 4 years by folks like myself in digital marketing. So there are slew of tools that have been available for sale online, and I myself have used several of them. Chat GPT is sort of like a King Kong and that it is unbelievably powerful and intelligent. I am having trouble logging in and even accessing it right now. I had a friend showed it to me in a hospital room while we were waiting on a loved one, probably a month and a half ago. Here's the bottom line. This flare is going to settle out meaning like a lot of things. There's sort of hype and hysteria, and it seems like everyone is talking about this particular development, are subject. And then there's just kind of a chill and and settle down so that first and foremost is going to happen with the Jack GPT and artificial intelligence subject. It is certainly worth noting that there will be ongoing and fundamental changes to the way people write and produce content online, And I'm not even gonna touch on the academic implications. And and that's obviously huge and whatever regulations and safeguards will be put in place. But just please note this that the human touch will still be highly prized and highly desired by Google in the search engines. Okay, think about it this way. They have had a number of years to prepare their ranking algorithms for the introduction of artificial intelligence writers, and the bottom line is they want to provide the best, most personalised, most unique search results. And that doesn't usually happen with artificial intelligence, even something as powerful and intuitive of Chat gpt. Let me tell you why chat GPT can only gather and some a information, a summit and produce or output information that's already freely available on the World Wide Web. So you and your organisation have something that chat GPT and no artificial writer has, and you have personal experiences, statistics, accounts, other insights that you've learned from your business. Very specific case studies that that you can deposit and introduce into your your pages in your posts so that you've got something human and intelligent. Okay, so I can promise you there's still plenty of room for the human element. Okay, And and that's something that that is so, so valuable. So I would think about adding a human and a unique and a personalised touch to your four or five key business service pages. How can you add a stat at an experience? Add a factoid. Add a tip that is very unique. Personalised may be specific to your area or the region. Or, um, you know the type of clientele you serve, and I believe you are going to be heavily rewarded. Another very important note is with review posts, uh, post that profile, let's say, a particular type of product or category product or this dishwasher or this power saw or this Sander etcetera. Google really, really favours because there's been wide competition in this space. People use AI tools or essentially copy and re spend other you know, existing posts and place them on their own blog. Google really favours review videos with a human involved in the video. You know, human style speech. You definitely can can think about introducing video elements, uh, where you're standing in front of a completed project or you're standing in front of your location or you're pointing at the product or your um, interviewing somebody who's doing the service that that you offer so that you've got an incredibly powerful human touch and human element to your posts and materials. I do believe that the introduction of artificial writers will increase the level of text, the amount of text, the, uh number of subheadings and topics that are going to be par or standard on on local service home pages and, um so we're going to we're entering a phase where you're going to need more text on your page. It's not gonna cut it any longer to have one or two paragraphs about pest control and just with very generic text you're gonna need because an artificial writer can come in and answer 10 questions really fast. How often do I need pest control? Is there any danger to your type of pest control? Uh, do you need to come in the house out of the house? Do I need to be there? Do, uh, you know, does the pest control, you know, harm my animals or, you know, other innocent animals around. So all these types of questions can quickly be a ferreted out and produced by the AI writer. And so you're going to need, Frankly, you're gonna need more text on your page. You're going to need to begin to address those kind of questions. So I would use an AI writer to get some of that material out. But I would also in every step, introduce, uh, I would come along and add another paragraph or two. Uh, you know, it's another sentence or two and just provide a personal human linguistic, um, touch. And so I believe that's so important. And that will will continue to be a factor in, uh, in the search results. Always. So remember, there's gonna be a settling down of chat GPT and artificial intelligence talk. Uh, there will be more competition overall in between article and article page to page and there will you will need more text on your pages, but having something like a human, uh, introduction review, video service profile video on each one of your key pages will be massively, massively beneficial. And then I would keep in mind Always add the human touch. It adds some kind of insight, some kind of observation onto your pages that that the only you know, the only your team members know that's super unique. Interesting German, uh, to your your city, your region, your state, your industry, your primary clientele. So this is the word for today on the d I Y S t o show. We're so thankful that you've joined. And remember the backbone of S E O. Performance is the number and quality of back links. And that's what we show you exactly how to do for yourself. Harnessing your organization's assets and aspirations using our proprietary back learning catalogue. And we look forward to showing you all that at d n Y s e o dot link. Thanks so much. And God bless your operation by

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