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Welcome to the DIY SEO Show with your host, Jeremy Poland where we talk about the exact things that small business owners and operators can do to take control of their own sc. Oh, in order to increase rankings, traffic and revenue from google search today, we're going to talk specifically about learning S. C. O. And a few key questions around the subject of learning sc Oh, if you've heard our show before, you know, I am intensely focused on action and results. I don't like to sit for a long time in a classroom talking about what we're gonna do and going over the safety features and the fine points. I like to quickly get out and begin putting on the vest and the equipment and preparing to do the activity that we're actually talking about and that's what the approach and the philosophy that we bring to the IOS. You know, we're talking about things you can do right now without a whole lot of learning curve so you can start making an impact in a dent and progress in this S. C. O. Game. And so learning sc Oh thankfully does not have to take a long time. People have asked, how long does it take to learn sc Oh, well, if you're a small business operator owner, leader marketing person inside of a company, you're not selling S. C. O. As a service or you're not attempting to become an S. C. O. Professional, you're learning S. C. O. To get something done for your organization. Of course, it's great to add to your own personal skill sets, knowledge and so on and I believe in that and I believe that comes quickly through action. So how how long does it take to learn S. C. O. In a nutshell. A matter of a couple of days you need to earn, you need to understand really three fundamentals on site S. C. O. You just need to know that that means improving the activities and the elements inside the website, the speed, the images, how how big they are adding some some special data and tags inside the website. Most of this is quite simple and easy, especially for small organizations. So you need to know the sphere of what on site SEO is to, you need to know what offsite S C. O. Is or what back link networking is and that is simply finding and connecting with other websites in order for them to link back to your website, that's the back link or the root or the portal or the connection that google can travel from abc directory dot com to your website and you get essentially get points and association for the link from abc directory dot com back to your website. Just imagine a link from your regional newspaper or national newspaper. Those kind of links and points are part of on off site SEO back link networking which increase your score, your authority, your power online and third you need to know a little bit about content. Content is the material, the text and the imagery and the video that's on your site are displayed publicly for your visitors and users. This is what google reads right. Google is in the question answering business. So we're we need to answer questions and provide information about topics that people are searching for. If someone's in the restoration business, construction, restoration, after disasters etcetera, they should have a page for each of the different types of restoration, fire, restoration, water, restoration, mold, or chemical restoration. The person in that business knows much more than I do about it. But I just identified three or four key pages of content that that web site restoration company needs to have. So you need to learn a little bit about content which really is nothing more than writing a nice article. You can produce that in a number of ways you can pay and outsource this content but essentially you would like to have content that's better than or exceeds the content of the websites that are ranking ahead of you. Oftentimes it's just giving more information, more cool insights. I actually record myself talking and speaking about topics I know about and then I transcribe my audio content into text and quickly convert that with a little bit of formatting into a blog post and I've got a lot of text, audio to texas genius. Okay, so how long does it take? S. C. O to learn sc. Oh not very long at all orientation of the three topics I just mentioned on side sc. Oh everything inside offside S. C. O. Networking with back links and then content what you're actually sharing online and of course you can go deep and go far with all of these subjects. But if you have a basic understanding of these three these three key elements you have learned S. C. O. And can begin really really applying it and doing something to improve your organizational websites, situation and scenario. Another question is is S. C. O. Hard. The truth is it's not hard it's it's like networking in person. It is that hard to understand the more people that you meet make a positive impact on the better you share your message about whatever is on your heart or whatever is important you or whatever organization representing the more effective leads, positive goodwill sales attention etcetera. You're gonna get that's that's S. C. O. So is it hard to learn? No. Are there technical elements? Yes. Are there experts and you know sort of geeks in in the world of S. C. O. Who intentionally sort of geek out or make it sound difficult and confusing, confusing Of course don't you encounter that in a lot of industries medical you know various social sciences etcetera. Just the folks that are ph D. S and that have gone so so deep and niche. Sometimes they talk in a way that's that that's difficult for an outsider to understand but oftentimes they're talking about sort of arcane aspects and they're really they're really not discussing or teaching the the key elements that that someone needs to know about a subject like psychology etcetera. So with S. E. O. It's not hard to learn. And when you focus on the key elements, the foundations, the actionable essential elements, you really can make uh make a huge impact and you don't have to feel like, hey this is hard, this is, this takes a long time to learn sc Oh no, it's it really doesn't. You can continue growing and expanding, you know, but you you've got this fundamental orientation that is exceedingly powerful. That's what D I. Y. S. C. O. Is all about with our messaging and inside our community. We provide all a massive array of back links so people can really check that box and just quickly move through the back link networking, which we find to be the hardest most, you know, cumbersome process for many people or the biggest hill that people have to climb up. We show you how to effectively conquer the on site challenges, especially again for small organizations. Yes, on site, SEO is a lot more complex for large voluminous websites and organizations with thousands of products and posts and you know, elements and and different stakeholders and so on. But for the majority of folks listening to this, you might have five pages, 10 2030 pages like on site. SeO is not meant to be um is not crushingly difficult for the majority of of folks learn S. C. O. Books, I would read a book on content marketing. If I was going to suggest books about S. E. O. I would read a book about back link building and spoiler alert. I am developing a book about our D. I. Y. S. C. O. Philosophy and so that will be available on amazon and other platforms soon. Um I would also read a book about on site S. C. O. So I'd read a simple straightforward guide about the three main elements, I just mentioned a book about on site SEO a book about back link building and different strategies and um you know the benefits of back link building. And then I would read a book about content marketing improve, you know, teaching you how to harness and improve the actual content on your website, the text, images and video and then expand your mind into social media and how you can efficiently and effectively promote out your content. It's it's amazing now the tools that we have, you can take blog posts, you can take videos, you can take images and spin them into other forms of content, you can take a video and turn that into five different social media posts really quickly. Just boom boom boom boom little snippets and pieces of of what you're doing and the the automation and and the efficiency is amazing with with marketing tools so I kind of geek out on that for sure. So if you're interested in learning S. C. O. On Reddit there are some great subreddit you can learn from. Of course there's the subreddit sec oh there's a subreddit subreddit. Big sc oh there is the sub reddit um learn sc oh and there's a subreddit subreddit S. C. O. Underscore tools. And so these are communities where people are active talking. You can post questions for free inside these reddit. The subreddit um covering S. C. O. And and have some real interaction. So that is a powerful way to to get some information to get some some knowledge. I also initially learned a lot with skill share. I went to a skill share dot com and watched a very simple S. C. O. Course it was you know maybe total video time of of an hour and a couple of little apps. Um I guess you'd say activities or worksheets and I got a really profound you know orientation. And I think that really helped shape my understanding of S. C. O. And helped to move me forward as I as I grew and you know begin working on S. C. O. For clients. So learning S. C. O. Is ultimately it's fun. It does not have to be overwhelming. It's it's should be focused around getting a primary orientation of the three foundational elements on site seo offsite seo and content marketing. Um and you can have a blast with, it's not hard, does not have to take a long time. There are resources on Reddit and other websites, of course, available for free. And uh and you can grab a book on each one of those key subjects. So inside D I Y C O we provide everything you need, including community, we handhold, we we give encouragement, we give personal um, you know, strategic guidance on on your unique niche and industry. We've got links for localities, industries, special plays, discounts, scholarships, monthly, monthly, general back links to build its it's really vast. We have we have action steps. So we show you exactly what we do when we're working on an SCP client. It's it's a plug and play system, so look forward to connecting with. You were always available. D I Y S C O dot link. Thanks for listening to this episode and we will be back with more on the D I Y S C O show. Thank you and God bless