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SEO Dominance Plan For Small Businesses

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Welcome to the DIY SEO Show with your host, Jeremy Poland. Where we talk specifically about how to do SEO For small businesses on your own with agency strategy and agency firepower. We cut through the noise and the jargon and the majoring on the minors and go right to the heart of the matter and help you increase your rankings and traffic. Uh very very affordably. So welcome today's episode where we're gonna be talking about the small business or nonprofit niche site, SEO Dominance plan. I've come up with a three part dominance plan for you to know exactly what you need to do and how to break these um these goals um into actionable morsels so that you can truly dominate and take the lead when it comes to ranking for the key words and phrases that your prospects are searching for and that currently your competition is getting and gaining traffic From. I'm gonna show you a dominance plan so that you can catch leapfrog your local market your you know, your niche niche competitors or at least make massive progress toward them. Okay, so this dominance plan has three parts part, one is building 300 new back links and I mean new back links from distinct websites, i. e Jargon term referring domains. So one at least one back link from 300 different websites. This is a part of the dominance plan. Where did I come up with the number 300 typically the local service market leader In a sizable metro or suburban area is going to have around 300 referring domains don't get totally intimidated. That's that's 300. That's a link from 300 websites. This is very very doable. Some of these websites are sort of low value junky kind of websites um that that can be like instantaneously acquired or you know um or we'll just sort of happen on their own. But approximately let's say 200 you know to to 20 of these are medium and stronger valuable websites and we'll show you exactly how to build those. So as part of our small business new organization, dominance planets building 300 back links from 300 distinct websites also known as referring domains that will make you a market leader in almost any context. With the exception of like super competitive um like e commerce niches and and really large scale stuff. Okay so if you've got that number in your head, guess what? You might already have 20 you might already have 40. So you can subtract that out. So let's break the 300 down approximately 60 to 80 of these R. S. C. O. Tools and low value, easy to acquire sites, sites and links that will some of which will just happen uh organically with you doing nothing. So now we're looking at 200 to 2 20 that you need to build and put forth a little more effort on. And the 202 to 20 that say you have 40 that say your local service. Um pest control company has been around for uh you know a handful of years and you've done a little bit of sc, oh you paid somebody once and they did some things so you might have 30 to 40 links. So that's back that out of the 2 22 100. So now we're looking at you know 1 61 80 and um that you need to build. So out of that 1 61 80 we're talking about 40 business directories. We're talking about um 30 social media type sites. We're talking about 20 local website connections that that list your company or linked to your company. We're talking about let's say 15 to 20 industry related sites. Um We've got all of these resources very well curated inside D. I. Y. C. O. You can also find this online if you google around and so on. Then beyond that I would say um maybe 10 blogs and other um company websites that you're partners with vendors. Uh So you know, we're we're stacking up the numbers just here. I mean I'm I'm spinning this off, I'm trying to you know, 1 60 to 1 80. And then two special plays. A special play is where you harness an asset or an intention of your organization or business for online online P. R. And S. C. O. Benefit. And um those can be things like a job posting. You might be able to build 20 to 30 back links from a job page job posting by sharing that. The discount special play. Also the podcast special play is super powerful. That does not mean you have to become a major podcaster or invest heavily in audio equipment. It simply means that you start a free podcast using a free tool, create a little bit of audio content just like I'm doing here in this episode and you're able to uh you're gonna be picked up by some podcast directories automatically which are high value high authority. And then you also can um follow my my podcasts or play and build a lot of links from the podcast. Um uh list list of directories and websites that feature podcasts. So this isn't rocket science you might be able to, you legitimately could get 50 to 80 back links just from the podcast. Special play. So what I'm just mapping out here is the dominance plan for your small business, your organization. We started with the goal of getting 300 referring domains. We realized that we can get about 80 through special through like S. E. O. Tools and kind of low value um easy to get links. And then we because this is just what's typically in a market leading profile. I study market leading websites and the back links they have so that I can teach and share with you how to replicate and and and and do the same thing. Okay. And then we broke down different ways are different avenues for building back links really quickly here on this episode but we go into more detail on this and you know inside the O. S. C. O. And in the show notes etcetera. So second part of the small business or organizational S. C. O. Dominance plan is to have four pillar pages. A pillar page is simply a page. That's really good. It forms a pillar of your website. That's why we use the term pillar. Some people might call it evergreen or a silo. This is a very well done page that speaks to your, one of your core services or products. Um so if you're in the restoration business then you've got a fire page. You've got a water page, you've got a tornado or a wind page. Okay so you're you're covering the different types of disaster events um that people might need restoration from of course a flood event on the ground or you know a water event up above with pipes. So each of those pages acts like a a hook out into the, you know the google skier and people maybe who are searching for one or more of those terms can find your website can can, when it's strong, you know, can see your page and find your website and find your services and connect with you. So think about having four amazingly well done pages and amazingly well done page has over 1000 words, sometimes up to 2000 words. Okay, don't be overwhelmed because you can actually use an audio tool, like I'm speaking to you now and speak about your service, speak about the topic area that you're building a page about and then use an online tool to transcribe your spoken audio into text and then quickly edit it and refine it. And you, you've got a really nice page, have some images, potentially have some video and look at what your competitors have done. Right? Look at other service pages that um that are competing with yours and meet or exceed it. Remember google's in the business of answering questions. So if I was building that fire restoration page for the restoration company, I would answer 10 to 20 questions that I know people are asking and you can use a free tool like google keyword planner to go and see actual volume data and actual information about what exact phrases people are searching for underneath various categories like how long does it take for fire, you know, to be restored after a fire? How much do fire restoration projects typically cost? Uh you know, how long for someone to come out? Uh you know, how much preparation, you know, how much clean up all kinds of different questions uh that that people might ask, you know, so um when you answer those google rewards you because it's gonna share your page because it's in the business of answering questions. It's using your page via a high rank to offer uh you and your page and your company as an answer to google's customers question. Okay so the four pillar pages are are huge. You might need more depending if your organization is larger, if you have more categories, more service sets, more aspects to your company etcetera. But for the majority of folks for amazing pages That doesn't that doesn't sound overwhelming. Okay so we're talking about getting some content dominance. The first action item was the 300 back links. That's uh that's strength, that's authority, that's power. Um that's respect uh from from google. Okay. And then with the four pillars we're talking about about content. Okay so the this is a part of the small business dominance plan. And the third action item for small business S. C. O. Dominance is to have a good looking fast loading website. The majority of on site S. C. O. Can be summed up in the sense of having a fast loading website meaning the internal components function. The images have been compressed their ways to do this. You can pay a contractor, usually a relatively small amount of money and they can optimize your on site S C. O. Or optimize your loading speed and optimize the way the website performs and you yourself check it out on both desktop and mobile, make sure it looks good, make sure it's functioning well. And you can use checker tools like GT metrics or google page speed tool and uh, or lighthouse and you can actually see how faster website loads and if there are any problems, you can work on that back and forth of the contractor and basically check that box. Okay? Yes, there's more to on site sdo. I'm, I'm telling you the dominance plan and that speed and mobile responsive loading. Okay. For the majority of folks, uh, inside there, there are more details on side sc Oh, but if you're, if you're hitting this dominance plan at the top level and focusing on what I'm advocating, you focus on, you're going to get significant results when you go from having 30 to 40 back links for your carpet cleaning company And all. Not all of a sudden, but relatively quickly you have 300 back links and referring domains connecting those or other websites connecting your website telling google hey, this company's significant. This company is cool. This company is noteworthy. You're gonna see a rapid increase in rankings like a, like a market shift in your area because that's, you've done what the top folks have done in that case. And then when you add in the four pillar pages that are powerful, well written, um, you've, you've put forth some effort one a week, boom, boom, boom boom, You've got those down. I mean, of course you can hire people. So there are a lot of ways you can get the pillar pages done um you really need, you deserve your customers, your prospects deserve to see a great page that really answers questions and orients them to to the services and products that you offer and uh and google will reward you for that. So this is the small business S. C. O. Dominance plan. The 300 back links, the four pillar pages and the fast loading, good looking website. When you get these three items checked, you, you're in a very good place. Is there more to do? Of course, but you've, you've reached a a plateau of of success in the S. C. O. World. If you are a small to medium sized business and you check these items off. Thank you so much for listening to this episode of the D. I. Y. S. C. O. Show. We have complete resources, action items, step by step back links for you to build, broken down by industry location, special play monthly back link building program, recent fines, paid free. The the treasury is immense and so you can move really, really fast as A D. I. Y. S. C. O. Member. So jump in, connect with us. Um and I look forward to seeing you in the next episode as we talk about how to do S. C. O. Yourself get results, feel confident, learn how this game works and not be overwhelmed and not overspend. Thanks so much. God bless bye