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Small Business SEO Priorities

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SEO Priorities For Small Business

In today's episode of the DIY SEO Show I your host, Jeremy Poland am gonna cover and ordered priority list of S. C. O. Activities I really feel like amidst the maelstrom of digital marketing input and all of the different things that someone can do and invest their time in regarding S. E. O. And digital marketing. Overall, it's essential to come up with a very, very clear prioritized list of where to put your effort. I'm gonna break it down for you, I'm gonna show you a few priorities that you can essentially check off and complete and move past and other priorities that will become ongoing parts of your initiative. So overall I've got six ordered priorities for S. C. O. Action for your small business organizations startup, niche site etcetera. I believe this will really help provide a framework to get you organized and get you going number one, it's back link building. Why do I bring a back link building because it's the horsepower. It is the engine that allows your website or your domain to rank and be considered by google for sites and searches the number one deficiency or problem challenge I encounter with the majority of people I talk to is a lack of back links. Sometimes a website has no back links at all. Just for reference. A back link is any other website that's connecting at least one link from their website to yours. It's those back links that google indexes tracks and essentially um tallies awarding you points for who you have back links from and how many back links you have overall. So for every organization, back link building is really the first action you should take and it does become an ongoing action that means building profiles on directories, setting up social media sites, looking for organizations and websites that can link to and list your website and connect them with you when we talk about this and so much more detail in other episodes. But priority number one is starting the back link building because that's what we'll show you immediate results with. Just by building a few quality back links, you'll see an improvement in keyword rankings overall and you'll set the stage for for strength. I mean like it's basically like strength training, strength and fitness training for an athlete. It's essential. Number two is on site S. C. O. The great thing about making on site S C. O. A priority is you can usually check this box off and essentially move past it. But on site SEO is like a gigantic uh yet simple tune up for your website. It involves the technical infrastructure aspects. This covers things like page load speed, the size of images and tagging of images and pages that terms like metadata and all tags fall underneath on site S. C. O. For new sites and smaller type websites with only a handful of pages or posts that say this endeavor is is quick and usually an easy fix. So this is something that you could hire a freelancer to do for $100 200 dollars. Takes a little bit of understanding on your part in general. But if you follow the simple breakdown I gave you a page speed, reduce image sizes and make sure to tag images and pages with descriptions about what they are. So google can read those behind the scenes. You are going to really check the on site S. C. O box fundamentally yes. When you create new pages and new posts, there are a few on site related steps that you do to optimize those new pages or posts. But fundamentally you can move past, you know, having on site seO problems or challenges and solve those right here at the onset ordered priority number three for S. E. O. Is competitor research. This is something that you normally need to do with the paid tool. If you're a part of D I Y S C. O. I help you with this, I've got the the resources to do this for you and send you data. But this is where you take a look at how strong your top three competitors are online. What are their domain authorities? Um in comparison to your domain authorities and then who and how many back links do they have? Or more precisely who are they're referring domains? Who are they getting back links from what other websites are connecting to them And if you see how many other websites there that are connecting to them versus how many other websites are connecting to you and what those websites are. You can really quickly get a sense of your you know your catch up game. So this is something that you fundamentally can check off. Of course you might monitor competition from time to time but you can really make gains by getting uh and get yourself positioned for success by doing the competitor research up front. Order priority number four for S. C. O. Activity is keyword research. This is where you take a look at the keywords that people are searching for. The volume of those keywords that people are searching for that relate to your business or service. And then you also harmonize that with what your website is already ranking for what content you have. So it's a little bit of a strategic analytical game. It doesn't have to feel overwhelming if you're in the H. V A. C business. Obviously you know the five key words that most relate to um to your your service, your company and the services that you provide and what what prospective customers are searching for as they have an H. V. A. C. Need and might need your company. So we definitely go into more depth in this and other episodes. But consider this action item number four and once you do keyword research, well you can check this, this order priority box and move forward to um S. E. O checklist number five which is a content strategy. This is where you look at the keywords that that you're currently ranking for the keywords that people are searching for uh in and around your industry. That could and should lead them to your website. And then you set out to create or list off the content that you're missing. One of my S SEO tools calls this the content gap. This is these are pages and posts that you ought to create that would become hooks or lines in the water to catch the fish. The the prospective fish searching for these terms as they swim through uh the google search engine. And you um by listing out that say 5 to 10 pieces of content that you plan to create listing out the title. For example, if you were in the pest control business and you didn't already have a page about roaches that say you probably mentioned roaches somewhere on the home page in a very brief sense, but you should also have a dedicated page or post with the U. R. L. Pest control company dot com backslash roach. You know, kill roaches, eliminate roaches um Roach treatment. Any of those phrases on the back part of that you are l will work. And then you discuss in more detail about roaches, what harm they do, how they can be eliminated what products your company uses etcetera. And then you're going to combine with the back link building that you already started in ordered step number one you're gonna have a really strong potential for ranking for roach searches in your um in your general area and potentially even for like road searches on a national scale if you if your business is more sizable and you create some really awesome content et cetera you could actually receive traffic you know on a nationwide basis for people looking for a particular information or products etcetera. So ongoing number six ongoing S. C. O. Priority is the continuation of back link building and actual content production. These are two things that I really believe should be ongoing especially the back link building because this is a dynamic market where your competitors are building back links also at least the stronger ones. And so you need to continue to build back links and rev up the horsepower of your engine right or keep your athlete strong and growing in power and then continue to build content as it is relevant to your keyword ranking goals. Um And that includes blog type blog page or blog blog post content. And it also includes social media content that relates or spins out potentially from your pages or posts so we can talk more about that. But these are the foundational order priorities of S. C. O. And I believe if you'll do this that's review one through six really fast one back lane building to on site S. C. 03 competitor research for keyword research, five content strategy and six ongoing back link building and content production when you do these things and you've moved through them in an orderly way. You're gonna really set up your organization for success. Okay. This is you've got what you need, especially if you become a D. I. S. C. O. Member, I provide the back link library in a very orderly and curated way so you can grab a hold of of my data and start building back links that are valuable really, really rapidly and also use my digital marketing action steps etcetera. You really can transform what you're doing in a small amount of time. So I'd like to thank you for listening to this episode of the D I Y S C. O. Show and I look forward to connecting with you via our website. D I S C O dot link and look forward to the next episode. Thank you. God bless