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The 5 Types of Backlinks

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Welcome welcome to D. I. Y. SEO The small business SEO Podcast where we show you exactly you know make it simple and we're gonna be talking about and answering one of the most profound, simple yet common questions I receive from people when we're talking about on my marketing and that is why do I need a website or do I need a website? The answer in a nutshell is a resounding yes. Every single business organization, nonprofit, any type of business unit needs a website in today's day and age and I don't see that changing anytime in the foreseeable future. The good news is having a website, establishing website, building website has gotten easier than ever. It is very very easy and efficient for you to build a website. I need website. What the benefits are the reasons why you need a website and I'll touch on simple process that you can undertake to get a website going fast. The secret is if you're listening to this and you don't have a website at the moment, the secret is to get going fast, get a get a process in place to get an M. V. P. Minimum viable product website up quickly because all websites can be added to customize scaled modified etcetera. The biggest laugh just to not have a site. And um I just met a pool professional recently at a networking event. He didn't have a website. He had a website in the past and this person runs a fairly sizable operation with lots of referral partners and vendors and clients and it's really really silly honestly not to have a website is gonna rectify that. So the reasons why you need a website are you need an online digital present because the website can serve as an information emission source. It can serve as a, a filter for prospects to investigate whether your company's the right fit for them, whether they're the right fit for you, etcetera. Got to have this ultimate online. That's b reel. If I encounter a company online somehow. Um, potentially I see a mention of their company or a business profile on google or some other website where I meet an individual who hands me a business card and I detect realize they don't have a website. I'm immediately categorizing them below average. Okay. It's just, it's like, it's just definitively what you need now. So having website is, is mandatory and you need to have one and it establishes and checks the box is a way for people to investigate, get information. Um, get familiar with your brand and what you do and your imagery and see who you're connected to and all kinds of things. So it opens all kinds of doors. So you absolutely need a website at the root. What is the website? It is a, the domain that you've purchased and you've closed. Such as this website. I'm on right now pull people dot com and it is a set of digital files that are hosted or housed and connected with that domain. That sounds difficult, but ultimately it's not, it's purchasing a domain. Sometimes people purchase multiple domains afford them to others. For the most part, it only matters if you only need one domain and that's where all of your focus should be, unless you're representing a very large set of related businesses, etcetera. Um so you've got your you got your domain, you need hosting, which is like a storage space for your website. Your hosting company can do a variety of things to help you keep your website image secure and updated and also somebody in the industry really should be involved or somebody in house should be fluent in how to handle the website. But then it's it's creating a website and you can do that with CMS, builders like Wordpress and other tools um that are available for free or for, you know, a small monthly charge. I ultimately don't recommend using a um, web builder where you have a monthly charge and you're effectively building on top of their framework or their system. I would prefer to do something like Wordpress, which is a which is free of free infrastructure of free CMS that you can build upon and then take your website to a variety of places. I have templates, for example. So I can load a new website featuring one of my template ID designs in about three minutes. So have you done main have something hosted and begin building really, really rapidly. The key thing is to know that you absolutely need a website. Um, because there's so many different things that you can add on top of the website, you can have different pages that reflect your services. And each one of those pages is basically like a hook or a line, you know, into a, you know, a tangent into the World Wide Web so that people can searching for that particular term or service can find or latch onto one of your link and that way, So think about a website as the center of a spoke and then your home page will be at the center and then lots of different pages would go off of this book. You can build an unlimited number of pages or posts. The good news is for small business owners is, if it is not, this is not a competition to see who can have the most pages or posts. This is a competition to see who can have the right pages or posts and the relevant pages or post to your business to your industry. And so it might be perfectly wonderful to have five pages or 10 pages for your organization or for your business, each one of them, the pages would be perfectly connected to a keyword or a service. For example, if someone's in the pool business, they could have pool service, pool as one page, pool repair as another page, pool remodeling or pool installation as other pages. And so each of those pages would speak to a different service need that their company provides and of course there can be lots of little little smaller branches that branch off from there. Um that would, would pursue certain keywords, like you could have a whole page about a particular brand of pool, um, you know, service equipment that you sell or service or something like that. So people with that brand of looking for that brand could find your company. So having a website is huge and then the next part of the game is S. EO or building or online networking. That site with other websites that google's sees those backling connections that that highlight or emphasize your content and then begins to rank your website for those keyword terms. The cool thing about websites is you can add in so many different components, chat rules, pop ups, trackers, anything you imagine anything you've seen around the world wide Web, even on a very major brand you can really and truly do at your smaller local level on your website with the right tool and the right, you know, working with the right professional and so it's really amazing what can be done. So you can have a chat tool that collects leads, collects emails, answers, questions. Um, you can connect to social media, of course display video, display partners, vendors, logos, display guides, white sheets, um, offers pop ups, announcements, so on and on. I know I've answered the question why you need a website. The answer is yes. There are so many fast and rapid ways to do so costing anywhere from if I were to build a website for someone to be 1 to 2 K. Um a simple website where they provided me just a little bit of information and I just go that website would be easily update able, modifiable scalable in the future by the client or by any sort of future um marketing individual. So thanks for listening to the D. I. Y. Small business S. C. O. Podcast for today. I wish you blessings on your website and your business and your online marketing. Thanks and God Bless.