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Top 5 Free SEO Tools

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Hello and welcome to the D I Y S C. O. Show with your host Jeremy Poland. Today we're gonna be talking about five free SEO tools that everyone needs to use. Several of these tools are chrome browser extensions and so they live and serve you in the background. They're super easy to use. A few others create sidebars or other pop ups within your browser activity. And then the other ones are traditional tools that you would log into which also will send you automatic email updates. So these free tools are perfect essential for anyone doing SCL on behalf of the organization or um in their agency work. These tools are free one or two have a paid tier but the free tier is strong and powerful for anyone working on a single organization or single companies. S C. O. Efforts. Okay let's start with number one free S. C. O. Tool. That is the Maws Chrome toolbar. It's a Chrome extension uh that plugs right into your chrome browser. If you haven't used extensions before. They're little tiny icons at the very top right of your chrome browser bar. And they're super powerful because they can perform and allow you to access functions right from where you are in the browser. So in the instance of the chrome of the Maws chrome toolbar, the will allow you to see the domain authority of each site that you're visiting as you visit it. So there's a little number that appears on top of the Maws Chrome extension and that number tells you the domain authority the 1 to 100 strength level of the website, it's so helpful to see that as you're just moving around and doing your regular web business. So you get a sense of how domain authorities work and, and, and realize that they're affecting every single site. And, and that's one of the main objectives of your rescue efforts is to raise the domain authority of your website or the client's websites that you're working on. So if you see the domain authority in the bar, you're going to be reminded of this importance. You're gonna get a greater sense of what type of sites have, what type of domain authority, for example, I was just on some educational websites, uh colleges and universities and they're typically gonna range anywhere from 45 to 80 90 for major, major universities and research facilities. So that's an example of how powerful those type of sites are. Conversely, if you're looking at a group of new startups or new software product that's relatively uh fresh to the market, you might see a 10 or 15 or something or even a five for the domain authority because it's just very new. So it's helpful to see that in the most chrome toolbar can show you a few other things like it can show you whether a link is a do follow or a no follow link. Um it can also show you a spam score and let you know if a website is basically had like false or phony back links built in the spam score shows essentially a negative, you know a problem. The higher the spam score, the more the site is essentially cheated on S. C. O. So um and it's being you know punished accordingly by by google. So the mas free grown to a bar to extension a chrome extension is phenomenal. So you find it in the in the store, you just need a basic log in, it is free. And the number one step I I recommend for anyone a second free toolbar that does some similar things is called Uber suggest. And I like Uber suggest because it appears in the the top with the other chrome extensions in my browser bar but it also populates down um inside the search results, meaning that when I do a search for best type of oranges and I get those 10 results that say on the first page Uber suggests is gonna come in with data on each right below each of those search results. And it's gonna tell me the domain authority, the number of referring domains and a little bit about the web strength of the website. And the page that google has returned to me as a search result. And so it really helps you see who's strong and how that impacts the search results. So it's showing you domain authority, uh number of number of referring domains and the number of keywords that that particular page on that particular domain ranks for. So it's it's a phenomenal comparison and when you do searches that that correlate to your own organization or your own clients organization, you can really get a sense of where people, you know why the competitors are ahead. And um if their page ranks for many, many keywords and many more than your page rank for then, you know their content, their their page they're doing strength is higher and their content is better. It's it's talking about more terms, it's talking about it's answering more questions and so you can quickly understand what you might need to do on the content side and you can also see that strength difference with the domain authority that I talked about so often. So that is Uber suggests it's another free tool. It is phenomenal. Uber suggest. Make sure to add that to your your free S. C. O. Toole. Sweet third is key words everywhere. I love keywords everywhere because it's a souped up version of of the google auto suggest and keywords everywhere populates um on the right side bar when you set it up of your browser, it again is a chrome extension. It's got a paid tier but you can um with really really low cost, you can buy a certain amount of credits and you're not, you know, especially if you're working on a single organization, you're not gonna need that much. But as you browse and you do a search, you type in hotels in Destin florida right below that search uh it's going to give you a sense of how quick read on the volume, the cost per click, how many people are doing that search or something extremely similar to that search. And then in the right search bar it's gonna bring data on related searches and sim similar searches and longer tail versions and variations of that search. So you immediately get a nice picture of the the search volume involved with particular searches. So if you're doing that you do that for a search that's related to your S. C. O. Work. You're gonna get some really nice keyword sense and I find that just having these tools open and surrounding me as I'm doing. Even my personal work just helps me sharpen up my understanding of how powerful websites are, what websites are out there, what keywords and what volume of searches people are doing and you're gonna get ideas and you're gonna grow in your knowledge just as you're as you're moving along. So keywords everywhere is really cool when you pay you can unlock greater data and and drill down and export data and so on. And so you can quickly come up with a little keyword list and the volume for um you know electric bike motors and you can see 100 different searches that that spin off of that or that are tangents of electric bike motors and and the the volume and competitiveness. So extremely helpful tool. And then I I just mentioned google auto suggests that it's definitely a a free SEO tool you need to take advantage of because when you type something into the google search bar and you get those auto searches uh suggested to you, it's definitely worth noting those are those are powerful top level questions that revolve around what you just typed. So consider that a free S. C. O. Toole and pay attention to what google is suggesting to you because that really can help you understand what what google is trying to is interested in and bringing, bring the information for. Google is interested in bringing information to bear for those auto uh search terms that they're giving you, they're saying we feel like these are important ancillary terms around what you just search so type that in and uh and you will you will benefit from from using and being cognizant of the google search tool. Auto suggest. Alright, finally, really the big whopper this is a tool that you log into. Um it's not, I don't really use the chrome extension per se. It sends me automatic updates, emails that give me helpful information all on the free tier. This is H R S H A H R E F S dot com. H R S is a html. Um operator for hyper linking text in uh in html. So h ref has become the the name of really the ultimate company in S C. O. Information. And the amazing thing is they have a free tier that that serves one that allows you to serve and focus on one organizational um S C O goal or the goals of one organization. And so they allow you to connect with the free tier on an ongoing basis and get ranking information for the keywords related to that website or that organization. And then they also will allow you to see the back links that connect to your organization or a client's organization. And so being able to to look at the back link profile and the keyword rankings for your organization and then get regular updates. The email is extremely powerful. The page here allows you to scope out or check out other websites and competition. Look at their their back link profile and look at their keyword rankings and where their traffic comes from and what their top pages are and so on. So, um and also look deeper at keyword data. So it's really fun to you've got to check out the HRS free tier and I talk more about that in our program, D I Y C O. So these are the five S C O tools that everyone needs when you tap into these five get the chrome extension set up, set up your, your H S account and become cognizant aware and pay attention to the google auto suggest. Keywords Auto suggest you're going to be fantastically far ahead of others and you're really gonna turbocharge your SEO efforts using these amazing tools Alright. Everything that you need in terms of building back links, increasing the domain authority in following action steps like I just talked about here in more detail and with support is available through D I Y S C O and so we would love to have you connect with us, uh reach out or watch the presentation and uh and come on in. So D I Y S T O dot link is where all that information is held. Thank you so much. God bless, bye.