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Transform Admins Into Marketers

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Hello and welcome to the DIY SEO Show. This is your host, Jeremy Poland. This is the show where we talk exclusively about how to do S. E. O. For yourself, your organization, your nonprofit or the company that you are working for. This is a very powerful way that you can transform your online presence. Your google search rankings, drastically increased traffic and just understand and play the game. I mean bottom line, it's so frustrating when we don't understand and don't know how to play and get in the game. Today's episode, we're talking about how you can transform an administrative type person, an intern, a family member, somebody who's involved invested in your business, sitting at home in front of a computer or at your location at the front desk at a work station, for example, into a digital marketing force for your organization. Reason number one is many times these types of individuals and this could be you if you're listening have availability and would like to contribute more to the organization. Can be harnessed can be pushed can contribute and deliver more powerful results for the organization. So it's very possible for an administrative type person. I'm using that in a very broad sense. Uh I do all kinds of administrative functions for somebody with desk desk time and some available time to learn the essence of digital marketing for your business. I'm not talking about massive pressure to be an expert to be a famous influencer. I'm simply saying they can learn some of the key elements in particular of S. C. O. And content marketing and push your brand forward so that availability can really be harnessed. You can harness the availability by um creating defined work times. And I advise people who are in D. I. Y. C. O. To have to work sessions a week of approximately 60 to 90 minutes monday thursday Tuesday friday two times a week because there's some element of initiating interactions and tasks and then follow up. And it's so nice to to wrap some of that up in a week in weekly burst and weekly morsels. So no that administrative individuals can really really help the marketing aspect of your business. It's very possible. It's a great idea people are doing it um in the realm of D. I. Y. S. C. O. So two work sessions a week 60 to 90 minutes plus some scattered you know filler time throughout when somebody's waiting on a call when someone's waiting on uh you know when all of the daily morning runs have been started. Um Those filler moments having tasks that they continually can work on and just grab uh an open time and open space is so so powerful. This is a way to level up an administrative type person in turn family member et cetera because you can put them in a place where they can learn valuable modern growing technological skills at least get their feet wet and and have a have a start and have the opportunity to grow um and really deliver important results and value to your organization. You can receive so much um benefit on your end and also really really blessed them by by helping them to understand that they can so consider these level up skill building opportunities for your team members as a powerful way to bless them and generate more value in in and harness the prowess of of their skills for your ceo and for your pr very very cool stuff. There's really no reason not to get administrative folks involved in the overall marketing aspect of your organization and drive them a little more deeply into the online realm by providing them an opportunity. It's so important to uh give an overall insight about how S. C. O. Works to your administrative team. So for example, you can teach them somewhat. We talk here on the show about that links, back links links from other websites to your company or your organization's websites are the number one most prominent factor in influencing where your website ranks for a variety of search terms as prospects and searchers are looking for your products and services. So they can definitely be involved in back link building. This can be on the simpler end of the spectrum by building directories and social media profiles and other relatively easy sort of manual build type back links. Uh We have a massive list of these ranging from low to medium power to high power websites and then also at the higher end and the more, you know, the, I guess the more boutique or curated at end of the link building aspect, these administrative folks in your team members can be involved in outrage link building where they're connecting with vendors and partners and customers and community organizations and media publications and industry related websites and elements where they could um request your company's icon or link or logo or supply a quote or contribute information or a stat that can be mentioned on those sites, which would then be linked back to your website. So imagine if a administrative team member was empowered or given the summer project for example, to outreach to two partners to customers to industry vendors, to local media contacts and get links from those web sites. You could completely transform the way that your website was was viewed by google and and your ranking scheme. So especially this is especially appealing for folks who were unsatisfied with where they rank and how they appear online by doing a project like this or putting this in front of an administrative person. And there are a variety of ways to organize and pitch this. But I'm presenting a broad brush here. You could really make massive gains with, with one or two people working on this uh, in a sort of seasonal or term type basis. Very, very cool stuff. Now it's important to give them a sense of some of the tools, we have a variety of free tools we use. We use the Maws Chrome toolbar. So that's the Chrome browser. The Maws Chrome toolbar is a free plug in that resides at the top of your browser. I'm looking at it right now. Um the site I use to record these videos, it's called Riverside FM and it has a 45 domain score. I see it right in the top of the browser. So the mods chrome bar helps you see the strength level or the domain authority of different web sites as you browse. And it just brings you into the S. C. O. Game. I also use keywords everywhere. Another free plug in as purchase upgrade. You can quickly see keyword volume data as you do searches and as you're doing your normal business on the web it gives you a sidebar with volume information about the search. So you might be surprised how many people are searching for certain terms or how many people aren't searching for certain terms and you can get that sense as you go. You can even see the cost to advertise per click for those particular terms. And then really the ultimate tool that I use that would really bring an administrative team member into the realm of S. C. O. And content. Digital marketing is H S A H R E F S. That's always in the show notes, they have a free trial, a free tier. Sorry, a free tier that you can use on an ongoing basis for one organization. And allows you to see the back links that are already connected to your website allows you to see the keywords that your web, this particular website, your website is ranking for and um where you're, you're ranking the, you know, the keyword terms and the specific rank positions that your website is ranking for those keyword terms and the volume data. So it really helps you peg where you are and what's going Well, um the page here helps you see what your competitors are up to, how strong they are, what their ranking for, how high their ranking and what back lengths they have and within D I Y C O. We help our members see their competition and map that out. So this is really, really exciting stuff. The fact that you can empower a administrative intern family member, team member To get in the SC. O game. I hope this gave you a overview of what that looks like too. We recommend 60-90 minute work sessions per week plus a variety of uh of a set of link building opportunities that they can work on during downtime. So, um back link building is one of the main items, but we also within the osc oh we show how to do on site S C. O, how to fix page load speed, how to um help websites look and perform better on the front end, usually relatively quick fixes. And then we show how to have a batch of back links that they can just begin working through back link opportunities. These are essentially websites to build profiles or connect with and then that can lead to higher level plays where they're connecting with other organizations that that that you're aware of, that you're already interacting with and asking for back links. Back links are sort of the, you know, the new, modern online, um, you know, business to business currency. So thank you so much for listening to this episode of the D I Y S C O show. We keep it short to hold your attention and get you excited, but we have a lot more detail within our community. D I Y C O dot link. And we look forward to connecting with you. Thank you so much and empower your people, give them skills and they will bring your organization to the next level. Thanks so much. God bless bye.